Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for GERD Relief - The GERD Chef (2024)

Discover the perfect harmony of flavor and wellness with our Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe. Tailored to soothe GERD concerns, this nutritious blend combines the alkaline goodness of butternut squash with carefully selected ingredients. It’s a comforting choice that tastes delicious and supports a balanced pH level in the body.

Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for GERD Relief - The GERD Chef (1)

This Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup recipe is a fall favorite of mine for a few simple reasons. Firstly, its rich, comforting flavors instantly make me feel at home in the autumn season. Tossing everything into a crockpot and returning to a house that smells like fall is a small joy that never gets old.

And let’s not forget about those roasted butternut squash seeds – a family favorite snack that adds a touch of resourcefulness to the meal.

But the natural beauty of this soup lies in its impact on my well-being. As someone who deals with GERD, an alkaline soup like this is a game-changer. It keeps acidity in check and helps soothe inflammation, leaving me feeling great. It’s more than just a recipe; it’s a comforting, healthful bowl of goodness that I genuinely love.

Unlocking the Power of Alkaline Soups

Alkaline soups are crafted with ingredients that promote a balanced pH level in the body. This means they help neutralize excess acidity, a vital consideration for those grappling with GERD.

By incorporating alkaline-rich elements like butternut squash and a variety of wholesome vegetables, these soups work to alleviate inflammation and create an internal environment conducive to optimal health. Embracing an alkaline soup recipe is a proactive step towards finding relief and maintaining a happy, acid reflux-free lifestyle.

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Butternut Squash Alkaline Soup Recipe Ingredients

  • Butternut Squash: The star of the show, butternut squash not only lends its delicious, earthy flavor but also brings a significant alkaline presence, making it an ideal choice for GERD sufferers.
  • Carrots: Packed with essential nutrients, carrots add a natural sweetness to the soup. Their alkaline nature supports pH balance in the body, contributing to a reflux-friendly dish.
  • Celery: This humble vegetable not only imparts a subtle herbal note but also boasts alkaline properties, aiding in neutralizing excess acidity, a crucial consideration for GERD management.
  • Bone Broth: A hearty foundation for the soup, bone broth brings depth and richness. High-quality bone broth can contribute to an alkaline environment, offering a soothing base for sensitive digestive systems. If you’re up for making it yourself, you can find our Gut Healing Bone Broth recipe HERE.
  • Cashew Milk (or other dairy-free milk): A creamy, dairy-free alternative, cashew milk not only elevates the texture but also aligns with an alkaline approach to cooking, providing a gentler option for those with reflux concerns.
  • Sage: A fragrant herb that imparts a unique, savory note to the soup. Beyond flavor, sage contains compounds that support alkalinity, making it a favorable addition for GERD-friendly meals.
  • Salt: Used in moderation, salt enhances the overall taste of the soup. Opting for mineral-rich sea salt contributes to the alkaline nature of the dish.
  • Fresh Thyme Leaves: Adding a fresh, aromatic element, thyme leaves not only lend flavor but also bring their own alkaline properties to the mix, supporting a balanced pH level within the body.

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Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe Ingredients

First, combine peeled and cubed butternut squash, roughly chopped carrots, and celery in a crockpot.

Then, pour in bone broth, add a pinch of salt, and sprinkle in sage, ensuring all ingredients are well mixed.

Now, cook on low for 6 hours, allowing flavors to meld and vegetables to become tender. The house is going to start to smell SO good.

Next, add cashew milk (or any non-dairy milk you prefer), and blend half the mixture at a time, and add to a large saucepan or soup pot. You could also transfer all the soup to a large pot and use an immersion blender. (It’s really hard to beat this ONE. Plus, it comes in so many great colors.)

Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for GERD Relief - The GERD Chef (5)Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for GERD Relief - The GERD Chef (6)

Finally, simmer for 10 minutes in a saucepan, then serve with a drizzle of cashew milk and fresh thyme leaves. Enjoy your nourishing and alkaline-rich Butternut Squash Soup, perfect for soothing GERD concerns and supporting a balanced pH level in your body.

How to Serve Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup:

  1. Pair with Oat Flour Biscuits: Serve this wholesome alkaline soup alongside our delectable oat flour biscuits. The nutty, hearty flavor of the biscuits complements the smooth richness of the soup perfectly.
  2. Top with Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds: Don’t let those precious squash seeds go to waste! After extracting them, roast them with a touch of coconut oil, Himalayan sea salt, and your preferred seasoning. Once crisp and golden, sprinkle these delightful seeds on top of the soup for an added crunch and a burst of earthy flavor.
  3. Garnish with Fresh Thyme Leaves: Elevate the presentation and aroma of your soup by garnishing each serving with a sprinkle of fresh thyme leaves. Their aromatic essence enhances both the visual appeal and the overall taste.

By following these simple serving suggestions, you’ll transform your Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup into a cozy dining experience, brimming with both flavor and nutrition.

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How to Store Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup:

  • Refrigerating Leftovers: Allow any leftover soup to cool completely before transferring it into an airtight container. Store it in the refrigerator for up to 3-4 days.
  • Freezing for Future Enjoyment: If you’d like to enjoy this soup at a later date, it freezes beautifully. Pour cooled soup into freezer-safe containers, leaving some room for expansion. Seal tightly and label with the date. It can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.
  • Reheating for a Quick Meal: When you’re ready to enjoy your stored soup, simply transfer it to a saucepan and reheat it over medium-low heat. Stir occasionally to ensure even heating. For a smoother texture, you can add a splash of cashew milk as it warms.

By following these steps, you can savor the flavors of your Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup at your own pace, whether it’s a quick weeknight meal or a make-ahead option for busy days.

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Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for GERD Relief - The GERD Chef (8)

Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for GERD Relief

  • Author: GERD Chef Staff
  • Prep Time: 10 Minutes
  • Cook Time: 6 hours
  • Total Time: 6 hours 10 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x
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Craving a nutritious addition to your alkaline diet? Our Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup is the answer! With its rich, earthy flavors, it’s a satisfying and healthy choice.



– 1 butternut squash peeled and cubed
– 3 carrots chopped
– 3 celery stalks
– 3 1/2 cups of broth
– 1/2 cup of cashew milk (or other dairy-free milk)
– 3/4 tsp of sage
– Salt to taste
– Fresh thyme leaves (optional)

For Serving:

Oat Flour Biscuits

Roasted Butternut Squash Seeds

Fresh Thyme


  1. Begin by placing the peeled and cubed butternut squash, roughly chopped carrots, and celery into your crockpot.
  2. Pour in the bone broth, add a pinch of salt, and sprinkle in the sage. Ensure all ingredients are well combined.
  3. Set your crockpot to low heat and allow the mixture to cook for 6 hours, giving the flavors time to meld and the vegetables to become tender.
  4. After 6 hours, add the cashew milk to the crockpot, stirring well to incorporate.
  5. Carefully transfer the soup mixture to a blender and blend until smooth. Be cautious, as hot liquids can splatter. You may want blend half at a time or use an immersion blender instead.
  6. Transfer the entire mixture to a saucepan and let it simmer for 10 minutes, allowing the flavors to further develop.
  7. Serve your steaming bowl of butternut squash soup, garnished with an extra drizzle of cashew milk and a sprinkle of fresh thyme leaves for an added burst of flavor.



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Alkaline Butternut Squash Soup Recipe for GERD Relief - The GERD Chef (2024)


Is butternut squash good for acid reflux? ›

These mild greens are also alkaline, so they won't cause gas. Butternut squash is rich in vitamin C and high in fiber, so it will keep you feeling full. Just avoid adding citrus, onions or high-fat oils to this light fall fare so as not to trigger heartburn or acid reflux symptoms.

Is butternut squash soup acidic or alkaline? ›

Butternut Squash: The star of the show, butternut squash not only lends its delicious, earthy flavor but also brings a significant alkaline presence, making it an ideal choice for GERD sufferers.

What soup is good for GERD? ›

Chicken noodle soup can be OK for GERD if it's made using the dietary guidelines for this condition. That means avoiding onions or garlic and substituting traditional noodles with whole-grain noodles or using no noodles at all. You can also trade cream bases for broth bases or use nonfat dairy substitutes.

When should you not eat butternut squash? ›

Butternut squash is meant to be stored for months but doesn't last indefinitely. Keep your eye out for any brown spots or blemishes; these can indicate the start of spoiling. Any soft spots or slimy areas are also a sign that your squash has gone bad.

Is zucchini good for GERD patients? ›

Studies have shown that eating more fiber-rich vegetables can lower your risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Fiber-rich vegetables include leafy greens, broccoli, zucchini, and other cruciferous vegetables.

Is butternut squash soup hard to digest? ›

Especially when served warm, squash soup is easy to digest, even for people who tend to have nausea or abdominal cramping. This soup is simple to make, saves well, and best of all, can become a healing tonic with a few simple additions.

Is butternut squash inflammatory? ›

Because of its high antioxidant content, butternut squash may have anti-inflammatory effects, helping you to reduce your risk of inflammation-related disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.

What foods neutralize stomach acid? ›

No food will neutralize stomach acid, but oatmeal can help absorb it so that it doesn't return to the esophagus. Other foods, such as bananas, may be less likely to trigger stomach acid than others, for instance, tomatoes and citrus fruits.

Can I eat rotisserie chicken with GERD? ›

Rotisserie chicken is a great quick and easy protein. It's a fine option for people with GERD; just limit the amount of chicken skin, as it's higher in fat and may increase symptoms if eaten in large amounts.

What is the best sandwich spread for acid reflux? ›

SPREADS: choose a low fat mayonnaise. Mustards tend to have a kick, which can be problematic for heartburn sufferers. Go for sweeter mustard, such as honey mustard, instead. Another spread, an unusual option but a flavorful one, is a creamy low-fat dressing.

What soup is easiest on the stomach? ›

Chicken soup is a staple for upset stomachs for a reason. It provides vitamins, protein and other nutrients, and it can help keep you hydrated.

Are eggs bad for reflux? ›

Low in fat, egg whites are easier to digest, so they may be less likely to trigger your GERD. However, egg yolks are high in fat, so may increase your chances of getting acid reflux. If you want to include eggs in your diet, you could consider removing the yolks first.

What seasonings are not acidic? ›

Here's an appealing list of alkaline spices you can incorporate into your diet.
  • Cayenne Pepper. Besides its alkalizing effect, it also boosts metabolism and aids digestion.
  • Tumeric. Advertisment. ...
  • Cumin. ...
  • Cinnamon. ...
  • Coriander. ...
  • Fennel. ...
  • Basil. ...
  • Ginger.
Sep 23, 2023

Does butternut squash have a lot of acid? ›

Like carrot, potato, parsnip, turnip and all other root vegetables, butternut squash have a high pH score. Many people want to avoid these vegetables because of their relatively high score on the glycaemic index. By so doing, they deprive themselves of a highly alkaline and extremely tasty vegetable.

Can I eat butternut squash with gastritis? ›

Foods for a gastritis diet

Foods that are good to eat with include: Fruits and vegetables high in flavonoids, such as apples, celery, cranberries, onions, garlic, may prevent the growth of H. pylori. Antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, like squash, bell peppers, blueberries, and cherries.

Is butternut squash easy on your stomach? ›

Additionally, butternut squash is a great source of fiber, which helps to regulate digestion and prevent digestive issues such as bloating and gas. The fiber in butternut squash also helps to slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, which can help to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels.

Is butternut squash good for your stomach? ›

Butternut squash, or winter squash, is harvested in the fall but it keeps well for several months. It is a good source of fiber, potassium, and several other key nutrients. The nutritional content of squash makes it beneficial for digestion, blood pressure, and for healthy skin and hair, among others.

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