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50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (1)50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (2)

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Our list of more than 50 air fryer recipes includes a variety of dishes. If you don’t yet own an air fryer, this gives you an idea about how versatile these appliances can be!

50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (3)

Air Fryer Recipes

50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (4)

Appetizers & Snacks


50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (5)50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (6)


50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (7)

Breads, Sweets & Desserts

50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (8)

We wrote the book on air fryer cooking – literally!

Cookbooks by Susan LaBorde and Elizabeth Hickman available on Amazon:

The Air Fryer Bible: More Than 200 Healthier Recipes for Your Favorite Foods

The Complete Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook: 150 Plant-Based Recipes for Your Favorite Foods

Air Fryer Recipes from Around the World

Air fryers have been popular in other countries for years, and you’ll find lots of excellent recipes on the web from Australia and Europe. That means some of the measurements may be metric, but don’t let that stop you. It’s well worth the trouble to look up the correct amounts, and your favorite search engine will bring up just about any conversion tool you need. Here are a few to help you do quick conversions on ingredient amounts, and one for temperatures:


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Want more air fryer recipes? Find the best air fryer cookbooks online – the fast easy way…
Check out our cookbook guide!

Now that Americans are discovering all the many benefits of air fryers, the demand for air fryer recipes keeps growing. Finally, there are a number of very good cookbooks available.

Unfortunately there are also some worthless ones out there. Don’t waste your money! Before you buy, see our guide here.

50+ Air Fryer Recipes • The Healthy Kitchen Shop (10)

Still shopping for an air fryer?

See our review of the best selling Philips (or Philips Avance for XL size).


Or view our Air Fryer Comparison Chart for details and reviews on all models.

If you enjoyed these recipes please share on Pinterest and spread the word!

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  1. Stephanie Tomkins says

    Can all these recipes be used in my new air fryer microwave?

    Thank You



    • Susan says

      Hi Stephanie,

      I’m sorry but I have no experience with an air fryer microwave. I’m not even sure whether they are for sale yet here in the U.S. All I can suggest is that you refer to the instructions that came with your appliance.



      • Santa C says

        I use my air fryer for most every thing works great . I am a man and it makes everything easy


    • Diane says

      Great idea getting one for your daughter also! I dearly love mine!!


  2. Rita says

    I have a new air fryer. I am also on Weight Watchers. I need recipes that I can make that meets my points requirements.
    Can anyone help?


    • Roberta says

      That exactly what I am researching


    • Susan Whitfield says

      I love my air fryer and have cooked fries and chicken in it. Getting ready to do more things. I want to use WW points as well.


      • BECKY THOMAS says

        You can go online in WW and create a recipe from anywhere with the ingredient and instructions. I have recorded all of my favorites there and it will calculate the points automatically per serving. I love it!!!


    • Missy says

      There is a facebook group. Weight watcher air fryer. Try it. Great recipes and give points.


      • Kaye Lehman says

        How do I get on this ww facebook page? Thanks lehmankaye@gmail.com


  3. Tammy Wooten says

    I’m looking for a catfish recipe for my nuwave brio fryer


  4. Pamela Meyer says

    How do you figure WW points?


    • Pat Pippin says

      Go to (link removed – calculator no longer exists) calculators/weightwatchers calculator. Choose the plan you are using


      • Susan says

        Update: The calculator above no longer exists, so the link has been removed. You can try this calculator, but it clearly states that it is not associated with Weight Watchers.

        Hope that’s helpful,


  5. Kath says

    Hi. I am doing research at the moment on the airfryers available .has anyone got the air fryer advertised on tv in New Zealand if so are they any good


    • Susan says

      Hi Kath,

      I’m in the U.S. so I have no idea which air fryer you mean, but I do have an opinion. :) Generally speaking, I tend to be a little leery of appliances marketed via infomercials on TV. My advice is to find out everything you can BEFORE you buy. Go to the website and read all the fine print. Who is the manufacturer? How long is the warranty? What are the terms of the warranty? Is there a customer service phone number or email address? Is there any way for you to ask the company a question before you buy?

      For an example, I know of one appliance that is highly advertised on TV that costs as much as a leading brand but has only a 30 day warranty — plus, the warranty states that if your appliance is defective, you must pay for return shipping and send a check for $20 for a “handling fee”.

      I’m just saying, be sure you read all the details before you buy. Hope that helps!



      • ronn says

        Just buy one,they area awesome


  6. Rinda says

    What is the best way to take container food out of the basket with out getting burned or spilt?


    • Susan says

      Hi Rinda,

      Good question! Sometimes it is possible to use tongs. It is also possible to fashion a sling out of aluminum foil, but you better make sure it is wide enough else you risk the container tipping and spilling as you try to remove it.

      In my opinion, the best way is to bite the bullet and buy one of the pans made specifically for use in air fryers. These pans have a handle that completely solves the problem of lifting the hot container without spilling the contents and/or burning yourself. Personally, I use my baking pan a lot, and to me it is well worth the investment to get the most from your air fryer.

      Update: The cost of some accessories has come way down in recent months. You can now get a baking pan at a very reasonable price. I just wrote a new post with all the details. Click here to read about air fryer baking pans and where to get the best price.


    • R.m. Marranca says

      Use flat tipped prongs


      • Susan says

        I agree this works sometimes, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds, especially with very liquid contents in a pan.


  7. Merrelyne says

    I have just bought a Healthy Choice 10litre Analogue Air Fryer and I am wondering if the Phillips Air Fryer Recipes can be used in this machine easily? Thanks for these recipes, am hoping I can use them.


    • Susan says

      Hi Merrelyne,

      That brand air fryer is not sold here in the U.S. (to the best of my knowledge), so I can’t address that specifically. However, this question has come up before so I just wrote a short post about it. Here’s the link:

      Will All Airfryer Recipes Work In All Airfryers?

      Hopefully that info will help clarify for you and others who have this question.

      Have fun air frying!


  8. Evelyn Sance says

    I totally LOVE MY AIRFRYER XL, I had seen it advertised on T. V. and decided to check out Amazon for it. Not only was it cheaper, but it came with a couple pans, and a hardcover recipe book.
    I have used mine everyday, since I got it. I have made med-rare steaks, French fries, a roast, biscuits, egg rolls, baked a cake.. The list goes on!!!! It’s quick to get dinner on the table, when my fiance works late. I make frozen appetizers, for snacks, while watching TV. Best appliance, I have ever bought!!!!! Never need to heat my house up in the summer from the oven, and my food is cooked faster. Spray a little can olive oil on the food for crispy browning, and it taste like it was just deep fried, but not the calories!!!! And, no nasty leftover grease, to worry about discarding!!! Love, Love, Love it!!!!


    • Kathleen says

      I just used mine love it made frys


  9. Willie Jo says

    We recently bought an air frier… Made brats tonight in it.. They turned out perfect!! Can’t wait to try bacon!!


  10. Waluya Dimas says

    We just bought Philips Airfryer a few days ago in Melbourne Australia, So far I had used to cook 430gram Chicken breast on 180*C for 15 menit but still a bit raw, so I put it back for 10 more menit ang the result was prefect. And now I just finished cooking 650 gram 2 pieces go beef rib eye fillet on 200*C and was well done. I guess I have to experiment re time to find out the different time between medium and well Next time I like to try to make potatoes chips from fresh potatoes. From the video I need to put 1 table of oil, but I don’t where I should put the oil.


    • Susan says

      I dearly love a good steak and was stunned to discover that my Philips will cook a delicious ribeye! That’s included in my cookbook The Air Fryer Bible. I don’t know what video you watched, but the oil goes on the potatoes. You can put your potatoes in a bowl with the oil and stir to coat, or you can simply use a spray bottle to spritz the potatoes with oil.

      Hope that helps!


  11. Jenn says

    It’s great you added conversion links, I always weigh flour. That being said, my daughter got me an air fryer for Christmas and I love it! I’ve been looking up recipes but not finding many straight answers, I’ll have to dive in and try them myself ?? I’m mainly looking for desserts since I know most to every type of main/side dish can be made in air fryers ????


    • Susan says

      Yes indeed air fryers are versatile, and they turn out excellent baked goods. At the risk of sounding pushy, I can’t resist recommending The Air Fryer Bible as it includes a good section on desserts, plus some things like muffins in the Breakfast section that could also be served as desserts.

      Thanks so much for your comment!


  12. Alex says

    Today we made chicken flautas in the air fryer .
    It was delicious


  13. Rachel says

    Can I cook perogies in an air fryer? If so how?


  14. Dolly says

    Can anyone tell me where to get the pans to bake in for the air fryers.


    • Susan says

      Hi! We wrote an entire article about this, and it has links to the products. Please see: Air Fryer Accessories


  15. Angelia says

    Are there keto recipes for air fryer?


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