25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (2024)

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (1)

If you love the whimsical vibes of Anthropologie but don’t want to break the bank, I’ve found 25 stores like Anthropologie that sell boho chic home goods and clothes at a much lower price point.

While I love a good Anthro splurge, I’m also always on the hunt for stores like Anthropologie that offer unique items without the hefty price tag, and thankfully there are plenty of alternatives out there.

I’ve compiled a list of 25 great stores that are perfect for anyone who loves bohemian-style apparel and homeware.

Shop my fav picks from stores like Anthropologie below:

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (2)

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (3)
25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (4)


I’ll be honest, Asos used to overwhelm me with all the options on their website, but now I’ve come to love all the variety.Filters are your friend here, people!

Asos is a great place to find unique women’s clothes at budget-friendly prices.

With a wide range of trendy accessories and clothing styles, Asos is my go-to spot when I’m looking to add something new and exciting to my wardrobe.

I suggest pairing this gorg maxi sundress with a crochet tote bag for ultimate Anthropologie vibes.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (5)

Urban Outfitters

Did you know Anthropologie is owned by URBN brands, the same company that owns Urban Outfitters?

UO offers an eclectic selection of clothing and home decor that are more affordable and a bit edgier than Anthropologie’s classic bohemian items.

You can find apparel as well as bedding, furniture pieces, beauty products, and lifestyle items all under one roof when you shop at UO, making it the perfect spot to satisfy all your shopping desires.

How adorable is this table lamp I spotted on the UO site? And the fact it’s under $50—I’m obsessed!


ThredUP is an online retailer that offers pre-loved, high-quality clothing from popular brands at low prices.

Whether you’re looking for a designer dress or a new pair of shoes, ThredUP has it all!

You can also find accessories like jewelry, handbags, and scarves to add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

I’ve found plenty of Anthro pieces on here and I love when beautiful pieces can find a new home instead of just sitting in the back of someone’s closet, so ThredUP is a win for everyone.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (6)

Nordstrom Rack

A long-time favorite of mine, Nordstrom Rack is the perfect place to find designer clothes and accessories at 30-70% off.

Their online store makes shopping a breeze with everything from dresses to shoes and handbags just a click away.

If you’re looking for an everyday staple or something special for your next night out, you’re sure to find the perfect piece at Nordstrom Rack.

I’ve even gotten a few Anthropologie pieces from here, and right now I’ve got my eye on these adorable Sam Edelman mules.

Dry Goods

Another top store like Anthropologie but for way less is Dry Goods, a trendy boutique that offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and home decor.

From casual pieces to formal wear, you can find just about everything at this store—all for a fraction of the price compared to Anthropologie.

They also specialize in vintage items and sell textiles from all over the world so you can find unique pieces from up-and-coming designers.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (7)


Chicwish has been a fav of mine for years so I had to include it on this list of stores like Anthropologie.

Each piece on their site is hand-picked by Chicwish buyers meaning they offer tons of unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.

Their vintage-inspired dresses and tops never miss, and Chicwash has also added activewear which is excellent quality!

How stunning is this Anthropologie-inspired mesh midi skirt that’s under $50?

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (8)


Reformation is a designer brand that specializes in sustainable clothing made with eco-friendly materials and produced in ethical factories.

If you’re trying to stay away from fast fashion and shop more sustainably, this is the place!

From casual daywear to formal dresses, Reformation has everything a stylish wardrobe needs without compromising on quality or price.

I’m obsessed with the neckline on this knit top and the fact that it’s under $100 is just the cherry on top.


If you love vintage and boho clothing, Lovestitch is the perfect shop for you.

This online fashion brand has items ranging from everyday basics such as tanks and tees to cozy sweaters, dresses, rompers, and more.

The best part about shopping at Lovestitch is that you can find one-of-a-kind items that ensure you’ll stand out in the crowd.

Mink Pink

One of the best stores like Anthropologie for a fraction of the price is Mink Pink.

Mink Pink specializes in bohemian-style pieces—like flowy tops, dresses, and skirts—at affordable prices.

They also offer some matching set options which make styling super easy, so make sure to check them out.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (9)


Modcloth stands out with its unique designs, vibrant prints, and commitment to uplifting and empowering women.

This indie brand offers an impressive selection of vintage-inspired products like dresses, shoes, swimwear, and accessories.

Modcloth is the perfect place to shop if you’re looking to make a fashion statement.

I also love how size-inclusive their pieces are, like this adorable dress available in XS to 4X.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (10)


Lulu’s has a huge collection of fashionable and eye-catching pieces that rival those from Anthropologie.

With tons of trendy dresses, tops, shoes, accessories, and more, Lulu’s has something for everyone.

Lulu’s is the perfect Anthropologie alternative if you’re looking for designer dupes or unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else, like this stylish maxi skirt that comes in tons of beautiful colors.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (11)


FARM Rio is a Brazilian brand that specializes in making beautiful, feminine clothing and accessories that perfectly fit that boho chic vibe.

FARM Rio has some super unique pieces with bold patterns and prints that I’ve never seen anywhere else.

They also sell everyday items like this insanely cute tropical-inspired water bottle that’s only $30!

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (12)

Free People

A list of the best stores like Anthropologie would be incomplete without Free People, the ultimate shop for effortlessly cool, vintage-inspired pieces.

Whether you’re shopping for an elegant night out or a casual beach trip, Free People has something perfect waiting for you.

I mean, how cool is this convertible skirt that can be worn as a midi skirt or a strapless tunic?

I can’t get enough of Free People’s boho dresses and tops which is why they’ve been a fav of mine for years.

I also love that they offer some trendy pieces as well. I recently saw a denim jacket with patches on Free People’s website which was giving off major 90s vibes. To recreate the look at home, you could pick your fav PVC patches and add them to your Free People jeans or boho bags for a one-of-a-kind piece!

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (13)

Christy Dawn

Christy Dawn is a socially-conscious, ethical fashion brand that produces all its clothes in Los Angeles under fair labor conditions.

Christy Dawn’s dresses are made from “deadstock” fabric—leftover materials that would otherwise go to waste—and they also use natural dyes and recycled packaging to minimize environmental impact.

Some of my favorites from Christy Dawn include these 100% organic cotton pants that look super expensive and luxurious but cost less than $90!

Christy Dawn’s prices can be on the expensive side, but it’s worth it to me since you know you’re getting a high-quality product that’s been ethically produced.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (14)


I am and always will be head over heels for Revolve!

When I’m looking for that perfect outfit to turn heads, I head straight to Revolve, where you can find trendy, designer pieces.

Their dresses in particular are effortlessly dazzling and always make sure to leave a lasting impression.

This knit Steve Madden midi dress is perfect for when the seasons start to change and for only $70—say less!

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (15)

One Teaspoon

For those who want slightly edgier clothing options, One Teaspoon is the perfect place to shop.

This clothing brand specializes in high-quality denim and apparel items with unique prints and silhouettes.

This snake-print top immediately caught my eye and I think it’s so cool and trendy, especially with that stunning open back.

Don’t forget to check out One Teaspoon’s sale section before going on a shopping spree—they often have great deals on clothes that will help you save big!

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (16)


Next up on this list of stores like Anthropologie is Madewell, a brand you’ve probably heard of in recent years.

Madewell is best known for its high-quality jeans, but also offers tons of eye-catching tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories—like this effortlessly cool jumpsuit that’s under $100!

Some of their items are a bit pricy but as the brand’s name suggests, they’re all high-quality and sure to last.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (17)

Show Me Your Mumu

Show Me Your Mumu is one of my go-to shops for colorful, classic pieces that will never go out of style.

Show Me Your Mumu has an array of beautiful dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers that I can’t get enough of.

One of my favs is this colorful romper with an eye-catching zigzag pattern—perfect for summer!

They even have some gorgeous wedding dresses if you plan on being a boho bride.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (18)


With brands like Alice & Olivia, AG, and Sam Edelman, Shopbop is every fashionista’s dream.

Shopbop has a ton of trendy women’s clothes available for great prices.

Some of their items are a bit higher in price, but they almost always have great sales going on.

I immediately added this adorable WAYF top to my wishlist once I saw it was priced under $100!

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (19)


When it comes to modern boho style, Australian shop Spell is a must.

Spell is the perfect destination for anyone who loves fun and flirty clothes and beachwear.

From colorful, vibrant blouses to whimsical dresses and swimsuits, Spell offers an array of stylish items that will take your beach vacation to the next level.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (20)

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a London-based brand with products that everyone will love, from stylish clothing to unique home decor and gifts.

Their apparel features beautiful prints, flattering cuts, and delicate touches that can elevate an everyday look into a fashion statement.

Ted Baker has plenty of Anthropologie-style clothing and homeware, including this super cute pillow that I need in my house ASAP!

Brandy Melville

Brandy Melville is one of my favorite stores like Anthropologie without the price tag.

This shop is known for its trendy basics and insanely affordable prices.

With tons of wardrobe essentials available in a variety of styles, Brandy Melville is the perfect place to browse for your next boho-inspired ‘fit.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (21)


One of the top Anthropologie alternatives is Francesca’s, a brand that won’t break the bank.

Francesca’s has some adorable dresses, tops, and bottoms that put a modern twist on classic boho style.

I love scrolling through Francesca’s site to see what deals they have going on, and I instantly fell in love with this summery orange print mini skirt that’s under $50.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (22)


Everlane has become one of my favorite stores like Anthropologie thanks to their wide selection of affordable, stylish pieces.

(Psst, check out my Everlane denim review here!)

Everlane has a little something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a casual tee, a business casual tailored pant, or an eye-catching dress for your next night on the town.

These a-line denim shorts just scream summer to me and I love how timeless the silhouette is.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (23)

Wolf & Badger

Last up we have Wolf & Badger, a shop that’s all about supporting independent brands from around the world.

Wolf & Badger offers some incredibly unique pieces that cater to a wide range of price points.

There are so many eye-catching tops, bottoms, and accessories on Wolf & Badger that I could spend hours scrolling their site.

This $72 beach tote is the perfect summer accessory, and I was amazed to read that it was hand-woven in Madagascar!

With so many amazing stores like Anthropologie out there, it’s easier than ever to find stylish and affordable boho-inspired items that will last for years.

Let me know in the comments or on Insta (@wtfab) what your favorite picks from this list are!

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What style is Anthropologie?

Anthropologie is known for bohemian-inspired apparel and homeware items.

What are the best stores like Anthropologie for clothes?

Some of the best stores like Anthropologie for clothes are:
Nordstrom Rack

What are the best stores like Anthropologie for home decor?

Urban Outfitters, Dry Goods, and Ted Baker are some of the best stores like Anthropologie for home goods.

25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (24)

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25 Stores Like Anthropologie (Without the Price Tag) (2024)
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